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Super happy.

First, HARRY POTTER WAS INCREDIBLE. Although sometimes I wish they could include everysinglelittle detail the book has.

Second, funsized from 4prongedfork TOTALLY made my day with the animated JB moodthemes. I was looking for some and definitely found these awesome ones. THANKS & YAY!

This is all.

Ta <3 !


Today I was actually supposed to work and today I actually wanted to do so. Now I can't because I've got to help out with the family business, which is all fine and dandy because it's my responsibility as part of the family, I just wish when I was part of the plan they would just let me KNOW, because well, it's MY time they'll be using and MY plans they'll be changing.
It seems I'll be able to make the midnight premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I am incredibly excited for.
I also got my AP scores back today and got a 5 in english and composition! A 3 in French, just like last year (Happy Bastille Day!), and a 4 in english lit. Pretty good overall, no 2s at least. I should have never taken the economics AP >.< .

I feel better now that I've written this out. Now I'll go listen to some music and waste some more time. Then help out!

Ta <3


My lj officially underwent renovation!
I didn't know how to do anything about 10 minutes ago and now my profile looks completely different.
And TWO posts in ONE day? Hell is DEFINITELY about to freeze over - sorry guys!

Alright, now that that's done, going to go do something productive!

Adieu <3

I forgot...

How to do mostly everything on lj. I fail xD

I should really make some changes around here. Whenever I figure out how to make them, I will.

Adieu for now <3


Wow, well, I haven't written here in such a long time! So depressing... this is what school does to you, it's horrible. I have no time for anything! I go to sleep late every night. I'm gaining weight because of my irregular schedule, and school is just a mad...house? [lol]
AND of top of all that.
Boy problems. Ugh, I just hate them completely. [probs not boys ;)]
But I won't rant anymore :]
Life is good as a whole, yes even though it includes all those up there, haha :D
Spain is apaprently doing good in soccer even though they lost to Ireland *shakes head* o, well, it happens.

Quick Poll:
Would you rather Nando be gay or straight??

I say gay :D
It hurts me less [and i thik all the girls agree with me] to see him with a guy. And someone who posted pics of him and Ramos on the FT Community... Oh, gosh, they were just TOO adorable.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week :]
danni <3

Aug. 7th, 2006

Nothing much going on now.
'Quit' my job last wednesday.
I have noticed that monotony is what kills me. I cannot live in an office all my life. Now I shall have to find a career path that doesn't close in one\ me. I cannot survive in an office for more than 3 weeks. Might be the age, might be the monotony.
I think it's both.

Anyway, I'm going back to school this wednesday and I just got grounded yesterday for something stupid, but which in any case means I can't go out with my friends before school starts. Please tell me if that could be any worse. Alright, it could, I like to whine, ok? lol.

So no more to say. I hope everyone is doing well, even if no one reads this except for the fabulous mother pumpkin Nelly :D, love ya girl!!!

danni <3


I know no one reads this but it's fine.
I like to write here just for the sake of it.
Nothing much going on here, just had a day off work so I stayed home with my mom and sis while my dad is in Houston. We girls went to Staples, Ross and stuff. About to go back to school in a few weeks; gotta make the remainder of my summer worth my while, see if I can accomplish that goal, haha.
Alright, I'm done now so I shall go.



My first post.
I'm still kind of new here, don't know how to handle LJ and the like. Alright, I don't think i have anymore to say.
adiosito :)

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